Some Strange, Weird, Interesting, and Amazing Facts about Astronomy!

Throughout this semester, I have learned some pretty cool stuff.  The fact that the universe is 13.7 billion years old and is still expanding creates a mind boggling effect of how incredibly it truly is.  That is not the only thing, our moon has a gravitational pull against earths rotation creating a tidal effect that creates waves in the oceans.  We have things called the blue moon that happen when there are two full moons in a months time.  Our seasons are only possible because of the tilt of earths axis.  The speed of light is 300,000 km/s, yet it takes light from the sun to reach earth 8 minutes.  Probably the most amazing thing I learned this semester is that our galaxy contains a black hole.  I browsed the internet and found some more amazing facts that humans have learned studying our world as well as space.

  1. In space the skin on your feet peels off- this is because you do not walk on your feet in space so the skin softens and flakes off.
  2. You become taller in space- this is because there is no gravitational force pushing down on you.
  3. Space is not that far away- Space begins at the Karman line which is roughly 100km so if you drove your car straight up, you’d be there in less than an hour.
  4. The furthest manmade object is Voyager 1 which contains messages for aliens- It has a golden record that contains the sounds of earth.


Top 20 Awesome Facts About Space. (2014, December 19). Retrieved December 08, 2016, from

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